We're up here.

On the shore of Lake Pend Oreille, second largest natural lake west of the Mississippi and you've probably never heard of it. 

That's okay on several levels.

We don't get many visitors so if you're curious I'll show you around.

If you're not, no problem. Move on to Kids Zone! because it's way more important anyway.

Wanna see what's up

  up in North Idaho? 


 Look down.

Sometimes it's nice.

The house is kind of a work of art. I can say that because I had nothing to do with it--was designed by architect Jean Steinbrecher and hand-hewn by the Canadian craftsmen of White Valley Log Homes.

Sometimes it's nasty.

It's a steep half-mile up to the mailbox. Both ways.

We live in two different countries, without moving.

The summers are hot, noisy and boaty.
The winters, cold, quiet and cozy.  
Osprey and chipmunks aren't the only critters in the hood.
Maybe the biggest fringe benefit are the free performances that change nightly. 
The many offices
of B.O.C.
(First four are entirely too distracting.)



Borders, Osprey & Chipmunks*

Words in

the Woods

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Borders, Owls

& Coyotes

In the California Desert



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