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   from Blue Whale Press

  an imprint of Clear Fork Publishing

Ol' Shoehorn lives alone in a backstage dressing room. His only job, help musicians slip into their shiny shoes. But their blowhard instruments are mean, teasing Shoehorn relentlessly about his many horn deficiencies. Still, he hangs in there. And one night the Maestro’s prized baton gets broken minutes before the big show... 

This Just In:

Two national reviewers both give "Horn" a 5-Star rating and say lots of glowing things about it.
(And neither one's a relative.)
AHIB Cover.jpg

And Midwest Book Review says:

"…it's the beautiful drawings and whimsical approach to life changes and music alike that make A Horn is Born thoroughly delightful and surprising. Very, very highly recommended as a standout

picture book story."

Jack Magnus of Readers' Favorite: "I can’t think of a better way to introduce a young reader to the magic of music and tempt them to discover, like Old Shoehorn, where their musical talents may lie."

(Neither can I. But I didn't try too hard.)

Want A Sneak Preview?

A special, Covid-safe reading by the author.

Was there a safe way to read my book to neighborhood kids and their parents indoors during Covid? The answer may floor you.

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And Available Someday?

From Who Knows What Press?

Here are ten new pictures books, written and ready. Looking for a home where they will be properly cared for, dressed up and turned out into the

big, wide world.

If any of these stories are any good it is due in no small part to three very special ingredients:

Terrific 12 x 12. Their webinars, their Forum, their nurturing nature, their velvet whip to write 12 new Picture Books a year.

Superb SCBWISuch a treasured resource of information, inspiration and edification. 

Marvelous Matt Myers. His gifted guiding hand touched virtually every one of these stories. The mentee turned mentor.

Squirrel in love.jpg

AH-H NUTS!  (494 words)

For a squirrel, Farnsworth has one serious defect: He LOVES dogs. So much, he moves to a dog park tree so he can teach them important survival tricks they are obviously oblivious to.  Turns out, dogs aren't that anxious to be tutored by a squirrel.

Walking backwards sign.jpg


(563 words)

(Ideally, to be printed from back to front, spine on the right!)

A despicable dictator decrees everyone must do everything backwards. Walk, ride, eat, smile. And nobody goes to school until retirement age.  

But Noswad Kram (aka, Mark Dawson) hates stupid rules and devises a plan to get them, well, turned around.

Angry unicorn 3.tiff


(502 words)

No, they seriously stage a revolt, sick and tired of being tossed around and neglected. It becomes a battle of wills: Unicorn T, Triceratops Top, Hand-Me-Down-Sweater and a cadre of other clothes vs. messy Jessie. And they have several tricks up their sleeves to convince her to show them a little respect.

MM Flop sketch2.jpeg


(527 words)

A pair of flip flops get separated, forcing Flop to float off and face the world without his fearless leader, Flip, for the first time. It's a frightening journey for Flop but he finds he's stronger than he figured. Yes, there are lots of F-words involved, but just the friendly kind.



(537 words)

Odd title for a children's book, but this one refers to a flyswatter and his young owner, Bo. Together, they help protect the family lake cabin from flying invaders every summer for years and years. Until one spring when Bo doesn't show after the melting snow.

mockingbird etching stockk image.jpg


(517 words)

Madison was mad. Every night a mockingbird sat outside her window and  sang his varied--and very loud--songs. She tried everything to scare it off, but nothing worked. Until she did something she would quickly regret.



(828 words)

Randy Ruggles loses his ability to say "R-words" when a pirate tricks him into yelling "Rrrrrr!" into a magic seashell. So, with the help of Rosa Ruiz and his dog, Rupert, Randy sets out to "wetwieve" his lost letters from those "wotten piwates."

Cracked Earth


(780 words)

The tale of a young girl and her fortunate find in the rubble of  a small desert town, told with multiple choice questions for the reader to guess along. Isabel uses her prolific ice-maker to solve lots of hot issues but can the little machine save the shrinking glaciers in the mountains above town?

Vintage Mirror


(353 words, in verse)

We all have a doppelgånger/or so that's what they say. 

A person who looks just like you/in every single way.    

Well, when Debbie meets hers, she hatches a plan to trick her into doing all the dirty work so Debbie can kick back and chill.

Could there be double-cross coming?



(1,645 words NON FICTION + back matter)

It happened in 1897, when a privileged, young white southerner from West Point teamed up with a son of slaves. Their mission: to show that bicycles could replace horses in the U.S. Army! This unlikely duo led the 20-man Buffalo Soldiers Bicycle Corps over 2,000 brutal miles. Few thought they’d succeed; many rooted against them. It became national news. In the end, both learned a new respect for their men, their machines—and for each other. 

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