On Selling Stuff

Advertising was my first love.

      The really good, really creative kind--it turned me on when I was young. It was fresh, entertaining, compelling. And rare.   

      So I got a BS in Marketing (seemed appropriately named) and immediately went to work at a small ad agency in Hollywood doing a little bit of everything. With time, I wrangled my way up through other L.A. agencies from copywriter to creative director. Then moved to Portland which was on the cusp of a creative renaissance. Good timing. 

    After 4 years, I formed, Borders, Perrin & Norrander, with my two partners--Wes Perrin, an Account Executive, and Mark Norrander, an Art Director. i.e. Words, Client Contact, Graphics---the three necessary evils.

     BPN grew to over 100 talented people with offices in Portland and Seattle.

    How? By making the creative product our priority. More important than clients, profits, even people. But funny thing was, when you make the work paramount, all those other things fall into place almost automatically.

       We earned national and international recognition for creative excellence and I was honored to be named one of the top 50 Creative Directors in America.

         In truth, it was mostly a little luck and a lot of wonderful people that made it happen.

BPN in CA- Photos.jpg

Today it's my mistress.

    While my main focus is Children's Lit, I still enjoy doing creative branding work for a select few ad agencies. If you like the samples shown here and need some help, let's connect.

   But, as we said in our original BPN Yellow Pages ad, "Timid advertisers need not call."

Fat David Poster.jpg

Anyway, you get the idea.



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